Privacy Policy

What do we mean by personal data?

“Personal data” or  “personal information” refers to information that can be used to directly identify a person. This information can include a person’s name, email address, or phone number. Personal data can also include information, such as the organization a person is working for, which can be paired with other data to directly identify a person.

How do we treat your personal data?

As an organization that advocates on digital privacy, we are concerned about the personal data that we collect. How we treat your personal data may vary according to the specific activities of the organization. The information that is shared with us and which may need to be kept by the organization for a duration of time, is stored in our own offline database.  All of the personal data collected by us are not shared with any third party. However, we may use the services of third parties for the organization’s necessary activities, including distributing the newsletter, organizing online campaign, and holding online public webinar and meetings. For these purposes, the personal data will be treated according to the third parties’ policies.


Your personal data, which includes your full name, email, and affiliated organization, are stored in the platform hosted by the newsletter service provider. You have the right to unsubscribe to the newsletter service, or change your subscription at any time. We carefully select the service provider based on a number of security factors, including evaluating the provider’s concerns and practices under the international best practices (which is General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)). In cases where we discover that the service provider does not sufficiently respect the privacy of users, we will consider changing the service provider to better protect your personal data and privacy.

Public Campaigns and Petitions

When contacting individuals for the purpose of securing their endorsement, a public campaign and petition will usually request the individual’s full name, email, and affiliated organization. We use various third-party services for distributing and disseminating information on public campaigns and petitions for the purpose of securing endorsements. The personal data is not shared by any third party. In some cases, a public letter may feature a list of names, which may be made public for the purpose of establishing the creditability of the endorsement; in such cases, only the first name of the endorser will be disclosed, while the last name is censored. We remove the personal data collected from the campaign and petition as soon as the activities are completed.

Online Webinars and Meetings

Personal information of an individual is collected from the online public webinars and meetings at the time of registration. As we use a third-party service provider, the list of registrants is usually contained in the provider’s own platform, and is treated according to the provider’s policies. However, we will delete all data that we have control of following the end of each event. We carefully consider the selection and use of a service provider for an online webinar and meeting based on our purposes for the event. In the case of a public webinar and meeting in which a large number of audiences is expected, and where the event is to be recorded, we will choose the provider who will help ensure that the logistics of the event run as smoothly as possible. In the case of an internal private meeting, we use a service that provides an end-to-end encryption and security that we can trust. 

Website & Cookies

Our website does not use Google Analytics, which is a traffic analytics tool that allows us to see how our site is being used and by whom. We choose not to use the Analytics, as the tool can disclose the identity of users. We also do not use tracking cookies for commercial purposes. The only cookies that are used on our website are those which are necessary to maintain the website’s function and to create a positive experience for visitors. These cookies contain no personal data and is discarded when users close their browsers.

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